Safety Notification

We strive to ensure all consumers have the best possible experience with our products. We’re disappointed to share that a temporary manufacturing issue resulted in a very small number of Venus Simply3 disposable razors being released which are more likely to cut during normal use. While only about 15 of these razors were released in Canada (out of over three million produced each month), out of an abundance of caution, we have decided to replace any potentially impacted Venus Simply3 products produced during this limited timeframe. No other Venus products are affected. Our priority is the safety and confidence the millions of women who trust us with their personal care needs. We will revisit our quality systems and procedures to maintain the highest possible standards. Venus has received one confirmed report from a consumer in the US who was cut while using this product. No cases of injuries associated with affected razors have been reported in Canada. The product impacted is the Venus Simply3 Disposable Razors – 4 count. The package has a barcode of 0-4740031535-8 and lot code of 9003A17400. The affected razors were available for sale at Walmart Canada stores and online between February 26, 2019 and May 27, 2019.

  • You can find the barcode on the backside of the package in the lower quadrant.
  • You lot code on the side of the blister (the clear plastic packaging) on the right or left side of the plastic packaging that protects the razors.

If you don’t have the packaging or you need help finding the barcode and lot code, please use the photos below to help distinguish if your product is impacted. If you have identified that your product is impacted or you are unsure, please stop using the product, use the form below or contact us at 800-362-1258 so we can arrange reimbursement and product retrieval.


Front Packaging

Lot Code Identification

Actual Product and How to tell if your product is impacted without the packaging?

How do I identify my razor without the packaging?

  • Only 3 color combos: pink/white, yellow/white, purple/white
  • Unique shape head; rectangle as opposed to oval
  • Unique shape of handle; two openings in the handle
  • Pink lubrastrip
  • 3 blades on razor